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Publié par Morphee

La preuve que non!
source: http://www.substitutematerials.com/temporaryterritories/temporaryterritories.html






The Vertical Bed. Allows user to sleep in a standing position. At Broadway and 33rd St. in New York for a 40 minute nap at 6:00 pm. Naps were repeated at four hour intervals in a polyphasic sleep schedule. Subject could smell the cologne of passersby, and dreamed of a subversive van. Time-lapse video, a 40 minute nap compressed to 2 minutes.



  Vertical Bed armature collapses into briefcase. Fully supports body weight by attaching to subway ventilation grating. Noise-cancelling headphones, opaque sunglasses, and free standing umbrella included. Made with the support of the LMCC's Swing Space Program and performed for the Conflux festival.




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